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Thought-Full Schools Project: NoodleTools Research Platform

NoodleTools Login

Note: You may be prompted to select your ISA Google account if you are not already logged in or if you are logged into multiple Google accounts.

How to Create a NoodleTools Account

Creating a new account

If you are a new user, leave the "Create account" tab selected (default). Choose "I am a student or library patron" (default). Click Create Account.

After you log in, the Projects screen will open.

Why NoodleTools?

NoodleTools is much more than a get'er done citation generator.‚Äč

NoodleTools is a teaching and learning platform.

NoodleTools provides:

  • Citation guidance and references management

  • Guided note-taking

  • Organizing tools, including outlining and creating rough drafts (!)

  • Student process and formative assessment evidence with potential for real-time feedback

  • Group collaboration and peer review features

  • Instructional collaboration among faculty

And NO ads, NO collection of student information. Best tool out there!

Thanks for the great meme, Mrs. Allen!

"You Get a Citation!" 15 May 2015. Carl A. Pescosolido Library, Governor's Academy,  Accessed 11 Dec. 2019.